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Bridging Boundaries: Engineers' Picnic in Manitoba Celebrates Unity and Diversity

written by Kym Troy Chiu

     In a heartwarming display of diversity and collaboration, engineers from

Manitoba recently came together for a memorable picnic event that gave

participants a renewed sense of unity and shared purpose. The event brought

together engineers from various cultural backgrounds, showcasing the power

of community and the potential for cross-cultural collaboration.


     Held at Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, the picnic involves engineers and their

families representing various cultures, including Filipino, Chinese, Indian, Arab,

Ethiopian-Eritrean, Nigerian, and Israeli. The event was a vibrant tapestry of cultural displays, engineering insights, and personal connections.


     The event started with a registration that included automatic participation in a raffle draw, where everyone could win prizes from the generosity of event partners and sponsors. 


     Undoubtedly, one of the event's stars was the culinary extravaganza that awaited the participants. The potluck-style feast was a true embodiment of the multicultural essence of Manitoba's engineering community. From the rich aromas of Filipino Lechon to the savoury spices of Indian biryani and the mouthwatering Arabic mezze to the authentic Nigerian jollof rice, each dish was a testament to the passion and pride of its creators. The spread reflected not only the culinary heritage of each culture but also the spirit of collaboration that engineers embody in their everyday work.


     Amidst the feast and conversations, a lively corner beckoned to the young ones and the young at heart—a bouncy castle. Its vibrant hues and carefree allure provided a playground for laughter and memories. Children and adults alike revelled in the simple joy of bouncing, creating an atmosphere of unfiltered fun that spread infectious smiles throughout the gathering.


     A highlight of the day was the "Parlor Olympics," a series of games that showcased engineers' adaptability, creativity, and quick thinking. As laughter-filled moments unfolded, it became clear that these professionals could solve complex equations and skillfully maneuver through games that demanded teamwork and coordination.


     As the day drew close, participants gathered for a group photo, capturing the unity and collaboration that defined the event. This image was a visual reminder of the bridges built between cultures and the friendships forged through a shared passion for engineering.

The picnic wasn't just a gathering but a testament to the power of coming together, celebrating diversity, and embracing the common thread that ties engineers from all walks of life. The event highlighted the importance of community and the joy that can be found in unity through laughter, shared stories, and newfound friendships.

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