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Embracing Roots and Celebrating Unity: Witnessing a Flag Ceremony during the Opening of the National Filipino Heritage Month

written by Kym Troi Chiu


As a Filipino, the experience of witnessing a Flag Ceremony during the

opening of the National Filipino Heritage Month in the Philippine Canadian

Centre of Manitoba was an extraordinary testament to the unity and

celebration of Filipino culture. This write-up aims to capture the significance

of the Flag Ceremony, the pride it instills, and the sense of belonging it fosters among Filipino immigrants like myself in this beautiful country.

Symbolic Flag Raising: A Connection to Heritage

The Flag Ceremony commenced with the solemn raising of the Philippine flag, evoking a deep sense of connection to our Filipino heritage. As the flag gracefully ascended against Canada's diverse landscape, it symbolized the enduring spirit and resilience of the Filipino community. The sight of the flag served as a reminder of our shared values, history, and cultural identity, creating an immediate bond among the people present in the ceremony. 

Nurturing Connection and Belonging:

For many Filipino immigrants like myself, witnessing the Flag Ceremony was an opportunity to forge stronger connections and foster a sense of belonging. It provided a space to share stories, experiences, and aspirations with fellow immigrants, bridging the gap between our journeys and cultivating a supportive network within the community. The ceremony reaffirmed that we were not alone and that our shared experiences mattered.

Embracing Ancestral Roots:

The Flag Ceremony was a poignant moment for the young Filipino-Canadians, who took center stage in embracing their ancestral roots. The young participants showcased their proficiency in Filipino art forms, such as dance and OPM, through cultural performances and traditional displays. These performances were not just captivating to witness but also testified to young Filipinos' dedication and hard work in preserving their cultural legacy. It was an expression of their deep-rooted connection to their ancestral roots and a celebration of the vibrant Filipino culture thriving in Canada.


Witnessing the Flag Ceremony during the opening of Philippine Heritage Month in Manitoba, Canada, was a deeply moving experience. It rekindled our cultural pride, fostered connections within the community, and embraced ancestral roots. The ceremony served as a reminder of the resilience, adaptability, and immense contributions of the Filipino immigrant community to the multicultural fabric of Canada. It affirmed that our cultural identity is cherished and celebrated, and that through unity and cultural preservation, our shared heritage will continue to thrive for generations to come.

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