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Engineering Community Spirit: Filipino Members Partner with Christmas Cheer Board in Winnipeg

written by Mark Mangaliag & Person Alex

In the heart of Winnipeg, Filipino Members Chapters Engineers and

Geoscientists Manitoba are partnering with the Christmas Cheer Board to

assist those in need and spread holiday joy.

Their collaboration highlights their dedication to giving back to the

community and supporting fellow Winnipeggers.


The Christmas Cheer Board holds immense importance in Winnipeg for

fostering hope and unity during challenging times. It represents more

than a mere display—it symbolizes kindness and encourages community


During this holiday season, these members strive to make a positive impact

by supporting the Cheer Board, aiming to extend warmth and kindness,

particularly to those facing challenges.

Through their participation in the Christmas Cheer Board, these engineer

members embody the holiday values of giving and kindness. Their

commitment persists beyond the holidays, recognizing kindness and

assistance as the most valuable gifts.


Moreover, this year, their impact expanded as they had the fortune of directly

assisting five families, providing essential food supplies and heartwarming

gifts for their children.


The Filipino Members Chapter persist in their dedication to supporting the

Christmas Cheer Board, reflecting genuine unity and kindness. Their

unwavering commitment aims to enhance the community beyond the

holiday season, showcasing their ongoing devotion.

Mark Mangaliag

Jerson Alex

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