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2023 Volunteers’ Appreciation Dinner

written by Jeffrey David P. Eng

The Filipino Members Chapter – Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba

(FMC-EngGeoMB) hosted a dinner to honour its volunteers on

January 5, 2024, at Mangkok International Cuisine, Winnipeg, MB.

A total of 42 members and volunteers attended the event.

The evening kicked off with a warm welcome from the leadership

team of FMC-EngGeoMB. Dinner consisted of a buffet catered by

Mangkok, showcasing the best of Filipino cuisine.


Next came heartfelt speeches leaders past and present, such as

Michael Gregoire, Registrar and CEO of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba,

and executive committee members of FMC-EngGeoMB past and present.

In their speeches, the leaders highlighted the significant impact volunteers

had on the success of the organization’s events for the past year. Furthermore, the leaders shared personal stories and anecdotes to illustrate the positive impact, big or small, that volunteering had in their professional and personal life.


To add a touch of celebration in the tradition of Filipino parties, the event included staples such as parlour games, including hip-hip hooray, musical chairs, and yes or no, impromptu musical performances via videoke where the crowd sang along with the performers, and lastly, group photos. It won’t be a Filipino party without picture taking. The event also provided a platform to network and connect with other volunteers, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.


As the night’s festivities winded down, the atmosphere was one of joy, camaraderie, and inspiration, amidst a call to action by outgoing FMC-EngGeoMB chairperson Rey Robillos Jr., to continue the tradition of volunteerism and support for this year’s upcoming activities. Volunteers left the event with a renewed sense of purpose, knowing that their efforts were not only recognized but celebrated.


In a world consumed by the daily hustle and bustle of life, balance one’s priorities, juggling work and family, it is admirable to have people who find time to give back to the community by volunteering. The event was a testament to the immeasurable value of volunteerism and a heartfelt celebration of the individuals who embody the spirit of selflessness. Appreciating the contributions of volunteers is not merely an acknowledgment of time given but a celebration of selflessness, compassion, and the invaluable impact that individuals can make to an organization and to the community that they serve. In every act of volunteering, there lies a profound commitment to the greater good, a choice to be part of something beyond oneself. The contributions extend far beyond the tangible outcomes of the organization’s activities; they create a ripple effect of positive change that influences the lives of individuals, families, and the community.


In acknowledging the contributions of volunteers, not only is it an expression of gratitude for the past but also to lay the foundation for the organization moving forward, where the spirit of volunteerism continues to flourish, driving FMC-EngGeoMB to achieve its goals and to serve the community.

Jeffrey David P.Eng

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