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Professional Development Seminars 2024

Virtual Team Meeting

ProDev 2.0 : "PEN TO PAPER: Writing your Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) Report for Professional Registration"pective
March 16, 2024, 12:00PM

Jeffrey David, P. Eng., graduated from the University of the Philippines in 2006 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He immigrated to Canada in 2007. He was registered as a Professional Engineer with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba in November 2022 via the Competency-Based Assessment system.

Jeffrey is currently working as an Industrial Engineer at IVC Vita Health. He has worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for the past 17 years with various roles in Quality Control, Assurance, and Compliance; Equipment Qualification, Commissioning, Maintenance and Calibration, Project Management, and Operations Management. 

Jeffrey is a volunteer for FMC-EGM. He was also a founding member of the University of the Philippines Alumni and Associates in Manitoba (UPAA-MB) and served as its Membership committee head from 2011-2012. He spends his free time travelling with his wife and son. He is currently a Level 6 Local Guide on Google Reviews.

Jeffrey David_PEng_edited.jpg
Jeffrey David, P.Eng
Industrial Engineer
Vita Health
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