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FMC convenes Annual General Meeting, 2023 First ProDev Seminar


WINNIPEG – Commencing the 2023 calendar year, the Filipino Members Chapter (FMC) of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba (EGM) held its Annual General Meeting, followed by a professional development seminar, at Canad Inns Destination Centre Windsor Park on Saturday, February 11. 

With 51 attendees in total, 2022 Executive Committee Chair Danica Limpahan, EIT led the presentation on last year’s timeline of events and a breakdown of membership figures among students, interns, and professionals. 

2022 Treasurer Rey Robillos Jr., P.Eng. also shared a financial report showing EGM’s support, the committee’s efforts in securing budgetary offset through fundraising events, and a list of other sponsors, such as the National Bank of Canada. 

Regarding annual elections, Maurice Petallo, P.Eng. and Ramon Buenaventura, EIT, M.Sc., who formed the 2022 Nominations and Elections Committee, introduced the changes they made to the infotech surrounding voting data to streamline the process. 

Petallo and Buenaventura also announced the results of this year’s election held a week prior, with four newly elected members joining the 2023 Executive Committee, consisting solely of volunteers who tirelessly share their lives to serve the chapter. 

Guest speaker Michael Gregoire, P.Eng., MBA, FEC, EGM’s Acting CEO, Registrar, and Secretary, jubilantly remarked on the continued partnership, recognizing the chapter as one of the biggest and most active under the association. 

Since its inception more than a decade ago, FMC remains dedicated to its causes as it has supported the Filipino engineering community, especially those educated and trained internationally, through professional milestones that, in turn, advance the city and the province as a whole. 

The professional development seminar featured Lakeside Process Controls Ltd. Manager Adam Troeller with his talk, “Getting Your First Job and the Importance of Networking.” 

Following this, the attendees spent the rest of the day growing their connections, meeting people from various industries, and sharing career opportunities that might benefit each other. 

Rounding off the event, 2022 Vice-Chair Maria Karla Milla Pascual, EIT reflected on the successes of the past year as she left with everyone the ongoing challenge of improving the chapter for all current members and those who will follow. 

Aside from seminars and networking events, the FMC also facilitates mentorship programs as well as yearly bursary and scholarship disbursements, among many others.

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