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  • Assist Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba in matters of engineering and geoscience professions when and as authorized by the Association Council

  • Encourage and facilitate the study, discussion and exchange of ideas and information among the members on all questions of interest as engineers and geoscientists and as citizens

  • Provide a forum for members to formally recognize the voluntary contributions of its members to the Association and as citizens in the community

  • Promote, undertake, and/or engage in such programs, functions, and activities that will contribute to the professional growth and career development of its members

  • Establish a registry of Filipino-Canadian Engineers (P.Eng.), Geoscientists (P.Geo), and Members-in-Training (MIT) within Manitoba

  • Support the educational aspirations of future members by granting academic scholarships to deserving Philippine-educated engineering and geoscience professionals

  • Undertake and/or engage in community services or otherwise cooperate and/or collaborate with community service-oriented groups or entities in their programs, projects, and activities

Chapter Important Documents

Memorandum - New Official Logo

Logo Artist and Creator: Paul Lawrence Cortez

The logo making contest is championed by Kresta Zumel, P.Eng. and Ramon Anthony de Guzman, EIT. 

Message from the
Former Chair

Gerard Batara

P.Eng., MBA

To my Colleagues,


From my family to yours, it is with great joy and pleasure to greet you all with a beautiful and healthy 2021. On behalf of the executive committee, we thank you for your unrelenting support for the Filipino Members Chapter. I am also extending my most profound appreciation to our friends, sponsors, and volunteers. 

The COVID-19 has immensely impacted everyone and has been one of the biggest challenges in our society. This pandemic has amplified the struggle for all of us to make a usual way of life. Amidst all of this, I am proud of our previous leadership’s accomplishments last year to benefit our Chapter. We were able to quickly adapt to the massive amount of change to continue our mission in helping our fellow Filipino Engineers in Manitoba develop and prosper.

As we continue serving this year, I have no doubts about the new executive committee's talents, skills and devotion to pursue, innovate, improve, and deliver significant activities for the Chapter members. Moreover, this year will be more memorable as the Chapter turns 10. We will endeavor to substantially impact the community by involving them in our activities as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary.

The primary keys to successful events and activities are professionalism, camaraderie, confidence, and trust in the leadership and its members. Regardless of the engineering discipline and level of achievement we all have attained, we are all dedicated to practicing our beloved profession to benefit the public. 

We will be rolling out exciting events and fun workshops to share with the Filipino community in the upcoming weeks. With this, I am calling out our bright volunteers to stay tuned for our announcements. I firmly believe that I can count on your support.

I am honoured to see positive developments that will lead our Chapter to a stronger, more vibrant, and professionally-driven organization.

Thank you for allowing me to be your Chairman this year, and I'm looking forward to working with you.


Maria Karla Pascual, E.I.T.

Jennifer Adriano, E.I.T.
Vice Chair

Richard Tarun, E.I.T.

Chapter Councillors

Reynaldo Robillos Jr, P.Eng.

Jayson del Rosario, E.I.T.

Lea Esconde, E.I.T


Gympson Agravante, E.I.T.

Jennifer Adriano, EIT.jpg

Joan Santos, P.Eng.


Danica Limpahan, E.I.T.

Danica Limpahan, EIT_edited.jpg


Executive Committee 2023

Website Information

Creator: Camille Batara, P.Eng.

Maintained by: IT Operations Committee

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